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Rules And Regulations

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Rules And Regulations Empty Rules And Regulations

Post  Lord Alias Thu Mar 06, 2008 5:07 pm

1. If you join this forum and you are not found to belong to any of our family tribes, I will delete your account immediatley, and you will be banned from the website.

2. In your profile you must include all information that can help us identify you. There are over 300 players in the Continent Generals Family and it's hard to keep track of every single one of them.

3. You can use BB codes here, so use them where they count. That DOES NOT mean that you can things such as BB code a players name or put a tribe name, but it applies to text such as bold,italics,underline etc.

4.Keep all your posts appropiate, which means if you couldn't go up and say it to someone with a temper,a gun, and a hatred for all things vulgar, then don't say it here. You will eventually be banned if this same rule is breached several times.

5.Spam is bad, it means more work for me which means I'll get you back in some way.

6. If you are disobedient and do not follow orders from your superiors, you will recieve a punishment, those of which will be further explained later.

7.Be respectful and kind, and if you honestly must state your mind, try to keep it within the confinds of a polite community.

8.Choose to be an arse and you will be dismissed swiftly because we dislike those who are annoying.

9. Make sure to look at least once every two weeks, and make sure to look at your in-game forums much more often than that

10. This is the most important rule. Follow all rules or face the concequences.ost of the rules are the same as what they would be on Tribal Wars but I'll explain them anyway.
Lord Alias
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